Shareholder Information

Marlowe plc (“Marlowe” or “the Company”) was incorporated on 14 January 2016.  On 30 March 2016 it merged with Marlowe Holdings Limited and was admitted to trading on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange.

 Since its incorporation Marlowe has a developed strategy to become a leading support services company providing business-to-business services to customers across the United Kingdom.

 Marlowe Holdings Limited raised cash of £5.2 million in May 2015 through the placing of 8,584,998 ordinary shares and made three new appointments to its Board of Directors (“the Board”) in order to pursue acquisition opportunities within the business services sector.  Since then it focused on identifying investment targets where companies which possessed annuity-type recurring revenues underpinned by long-term contracts and a degree of operational complexity that the Board believed would provide attractive margins and high barriers to entry.

The Company’s accounting reference date is 31 March.  The Company's audited financial statements have been prepared annually for each financial year ending 31 March and can be found on this website here.  The Company will also publish half-yearly reports.