Marlowe PLC

We deliver health & safety, fire safety, security, water treatment & hygiene, air testing & quality and environmental services – all of which are vital to the well-being of our customers operations and are invariably governed by stringent regulation.

Our services help our clients reduce risk, assure regulatory compliance and achieve total peace of mind.

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Our Sectors

Provision of recurring health, safety & risk management services which assure the regulatory compliance of commercial organisations. Auditing, consulting, training, data management & software as a service (SaaS).

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iconHealth, Safety & Compliance

Recurring services assuring fire safety, security and statutory compliance so that people and buildings are safe. Assessing, testing, inspecting, certifying, maintaining, upgrading and remote monitoring.

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iconFire Safety & Security

Recurring services which assure water systems are safe, efficient, sustainable and compliant. Assessing, testing, inspecting, dosing, maintaining, monitoring and certifying.

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iconWater Treatment & Hygiene

Recurring services which assure commercial properties are compliant with air quality and environmental regulations. Inspecting, testing, monitoring, managing, remediating and certifying.

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iconAir Testing & Quality


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Investment Case

The company was formed to create sustainable shareholder value through the growth and development of businesses that provide regulated inspection, testing and compliance services.

Marlowe operates in regulated, non-discretionary, service sectors with robust growth prospects. The majority of our revenues are recurring, predictable and visible. Our businesses benefit from a strong, shared, channel to market which provides us with an intrinsic competitive advantage.

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2000 +


£175 million


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15,000 +

clients across the UK

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30+ million

assets tested & inspected
each year

75 %

recurring revenues